A brand born and inspired by the surrounding nature, using simple tools and based on a strong belief in the process and authenticity, this work in pottery is presented.

I believe in artisans and farmers as the nucleus of a community and the passage from farm to table as a rediscovery of a more sustainable lifestyle and value system. The mission is to reconnect through unique handmade ceramics into your daily rituals and defining their place today. This modern rustic styled tableware piece is built by hand, without large production molds, making it unique and unrepeatable.

Self-taught Artist and Owner, Agustina Della Mea hand-throws every single piece under a slow process, maintaining the irregularity and rusticity of the shape, contemplating the character that the hand prints on it. The artisan infuses each piece with his soul to give warmth and pleasure to our routine and elevate the everyday life.

From a small pottery studio in Rocha,Uruguay.