I come from Montevideo, Uruguay. For years, my professional activities were in the field of education. One of the things I liked the most as a teacher was to renew each year the mission of discovering and bringing out the maximum potential and conditions of each student that came into our classrooms as unique and irreplaceable beings. Time went by, my children grew up, and I decided to take up new challenges. In MERAKI, I found a new way to begin again the search for promoting and encouraging the essence of people.

Traveling around the world has always been my passion. Discovering and learning from different cultures my goal. Nourishing my soul and mind the magical and highly recommended result."

Our mission and vision

Slow fashion + social awareness.

MERAKI STORE is a multi-brand online store that aims to be a community where not only original, creative and excellent quality products are sold, but also all brands published are united by a common goal: to be able to show the identity of each one and empower themselves together.

Meraki Goes Green

The main aim of this project called MERAKI, is to promote the identity of all designers, artisans and artists who, through their creations, cultivate the essence of their roots.

We also deeply believe in acting as promoting agents of awareness of solidarity. For this reason, every year we engage in projects to help organizations and communities from different parts of the world by donating part of the profits to organizations that need it.

This year, we will focus on collaborating with BAYKA. This company, dedicated to work on environmental regeneration projects, seeks to BE PART OF THE SOLUTION.


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