Our Philosophy

Meraki Store Policy


In a world where empathy seems to be a value of the past and where the identity of each one is blurred before the gaze of the other, Meraki Store begins to walk its way in a bet to the search for the genuine, of what it does us unique, but which is enriched  so much in the interaction with the other.

At Meraki Store, diversity is conceived as an essential value to complement each other and get the best out of us, so all people and companies are welcome regardless of race, creed or religion, as long as it is carried out in a framework of respect.


IMPORTANT: Meraki Store is not responsible for policies of selection of materials and production of the published brands, designers and artisans. 

We aim to promote designers, artists and artisans who show in their creations the cultural value of where they come from.


Paola D.


Meraki Store