Biker shorts. A trendy and super versatile option .

Biker shorts. A trendy and super versatile option .

Aug 27, 2021


Paola Dati

Hello everyone, today I'm going to talk about this color that brings joy.

This color is a darker version of magenta, a hue that is on the rise, making its presence felt.
The objective here is to focus on positivism and to be inspired by the rose of flowers, with harmonic looks.
Today's proposal will show 3 fashion personalities:
The first with a classic style that the blazer brings, and modern with the detail of the high - neck blouse, showing shoulders.
I love this style with fashion information, it's versatile, perfect to pair with sneakers or boots.
Second look option with styling trick on the t - shirt and tulle skirt with the romantic personality.
Romantic is feminine, delicate and lovely.
Third look we have the sporty style with biker shorts that is trend 2021, guarantees comfort, style, super versatile.
The perfect look with biker shorts is the blazer, fashionable  and stylish.
Accessories such as necklaces and bags can help you uplift the outfit.
Sporty is casual, comfortable, athletic, strong and relaxed. 
Which is the best for you?
Enjoy Anna Carolina
Photo: Reproduction /Pinteres
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