Dress according to your body shape. Tips Part I

Dec 08, 2021


Paola Dati

Hi everyone!!
This time, I am going to share with you body types and help you find clothes for each one. 
Here´s  the first morphology called the hourglass or X:
It's a balanced morphology, the shoulders are straight, the waist is defined, the hips line up with the shoulders.
In this picture we have a  modern look with a shoulder - to - shoulder blouse, ripped jeans and metallic sneakers.
What to wear:
Highlight the harmony of the silhouette through tight - fitting clothes, showing the naturally defined waist or wear belts of all shapes: chains, large, medium, thin..
You can wear waisted blouses and shirts, jackets, pants or skirt with a high waist, print skirt, short skirts or below the knee, waisted dresses.
Let's keep in touch,
Anna Carolina
Source: Pinterest Guita Moda
Material and description created by Image Consultant: Anna Carolina Da Silva

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