Trendy colors 2021

Trendy colors 2021

Aug 03, 2021


Paola Dati

Hello everybody! How are you? Today I'm going to talk about this beautiful color: Mango Sorbet which is a trend for summer 2021.
It's a more vibrant color, brings all eyes to her. As the name suggests, the color remind us of a mango ice cream.
Very yellow, slightly orange giving us the feeling of joy.
This monochromatic look, elongates the silhouette, brings elegance and modernity. 
We can use it with sneakers, scarpin, combat boots. You can add a special touch with bracelet, cool handbags, ear cuff. 
For fashion girls, I will share on insta, an amazing look with dress option that brings romance which is paired with combat boots, providing comfort and a fashion result, the rocker style shoe balances the look.
Which one is your choice?
Both looks are versatile!
Anna Carolina 

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