Body types. Part IV

Body types. Part IV

Dec 21, 2021


Paola Dati

Suggestions about what to wear
With a wider morphology in the shoulders than in the hips, the objective will be to rebalance and create femininity in the silhouette.
As the volumes are in the upper part of the body, you will need to enlarge the lower part.
Opt for envelope skirts, high waists, straight skirts with stiffer fabrics.
For evening dresses, dresses with wide straps.
For coats and cardigans, you will need to choose those with few shoulder pads, as the trapeze shape is ideal for reducing shoulder width.
For the shoulders to look narrower, choose accessories that draw your eyes to the center of your body.
Choose from V - necks or U - necks. In terms of fabrics, light fabrics and fine fabrics in the upper body.
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