Is this your body type? Part III

Is this your body type? Part III

Dec 21, 2021


Paola Dati

Hello, how are you?
The fashion tips for today are so special because I love flare pants. Do you have one in your wardrobe? Write here, I want to know.
Triangle morphology in A
The woman in a triangle has shoulders that are narrower than her hips. 
The waist is sometimes marked and sometimes not. 
My tips for these women:
To attract the look up and create the illusion at hip - width level, purchase items that have neck and shoulder detail.
Embellishments at the neckline or on the sleeves, a larger neckline, folded sleeves and horizontal stripes, puffy shirts, long, slightly waisted dresses, flare pants and V - neck.
When mixing colors, prefer light or vivid colors, prints, plaid, fantasy motifs on the top and more opaque or more attenuated colors on the bottom.
Anna Carolina
Instagram: @annacarolina.stylist 

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